What do you love most about your natural coils?

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  1. Alisha says:

    The fact that so many people of other races love my hair!! I wasn’t sure how people would accept it once I took my braids out, but so many people like it.

  2. angela says:

    I love that its fun and cute! I really like playing with my hair, even though I know I am not supposed to manipulate it too much! I love the fact that I am putting natural products in my hair and my hair is in its natural state. I like being natural!!!

  3. Kim says:

    After 30 years of getting my hair relaxed, I finally feel free! I don’t have to pretend, or worry about the rain, or humidity, etc. My hair is what it is and I love it.

  4. Marchella says:

    I love how long my hair is.. I NEVER EVER thought my hair would grow so fast and so long that it might actually reach my butt! I do little silly things now like pass a mirror and do a double-take, because I cant believe my hair is actually THAT dang long. Or, sometimes when I’m applying deodorant, I have to move my hair to keep it from getting deodorant in it. But most importantly, I KNOW that I am inspiring girls half my age because they will walk right up and ask me if its mine and if they can touch it. And, some have asked questions about going natural and how to dump the weaves/wigs. I’m proud to share because I believe I’m a living legacy for my future — YOU DONT HAVE TO SEW IT, YOU CAN GROW IT!! And for the first time in my life, I am actually HAPPY that my hair is not curly or naturally straight.. IT IS NAPPY and I AM GLAD because if I had the so-called ‘good hair’, I would not be able to minister to so many of my sisters!! Have a happy hair day!

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